Choosing a Unique Valentines Day Present That Amazes Them and Impresses Them

How do you choose a unique Valentines Day present that amazes them and impresses them? For starters, most the standard tried and true gifts just won’t do, for example long stemmed roses, mixed flower bouquets, or chocolates. Not that they’re bad gifts, and they may love them, but they are simply not unique. Anyone could buy them; it just takes a few bucks but little or no imagination.

A unique gift requires more thought and effort. It could be something you make yourself if you are able. For example a painting, a piece of pottery, a wooden table or desk that fits somewhere perfectly. Unfortunately, I can’t make much of anything like that and you may not be able to either.

It could be a one of a kind meal, either custom made for you two, or perhaps made by you. For an interesting touch, if you are daring or a great inventive cook, create a new dish based on what they love and name it after them. Serve with Champagne or another appropriate drink. Champagne goes well with an enormous variety of food and is very romantic and appropriate for Valentine’s Day.

Another unique option is to plan a trip somewhere you’ve never been before but where you both want to go. What could be more romantic than planning on spending more time together? Depending on the complexities of the trip, you may want to involve your Valentine in some of the planning, or at least let them know to expect a big surprise and pack a bag!

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